Pars Rice Cooker

  • MASTER THE ART of perfect rice tahdig with a Pars Rice Cooker. Available in 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, and 15 cup capacities, Pars Rice Cookers are home essentials for anyone who savors that prized golden crust at the bottom of the rice steamer pot.    

  • CUSTOMIZABLE TIMER on the Pars Persian Rice Maker eliminates guesswork from achieving the crown jewel of Persian cuisine. With auto-off and keep-warm functions, guests will be amazed that you turn out perfect tahdig every time.

  • NON-STICK POT in our rice steamer cooker makes clean-up a breeze. Go right from the pars cooker to the table with the removable pot. Afterward, add the pot to your dishwasher and enjoy more time with family and friends.

  • DURABLE AND RUSTPROOF stainless steel construction makes the Persian Rice Cooker by Pars an enduring small kitchen appliance and a thoughtful wedding gift. Its detachable cord allows easy storage in small kitchens.

  • INCLUDED FREE with every rice cooker pars steamer is a food-safe plastic rice scoop, rice measuring cup, and user manual. Discover stews, meats and vegetables that superbly complement your crispy Persian rice.




  • Go for the gold

    Perfect the art of making golden-crisped tahdig with a Pars Automatic Rice Cooker with timer. Specifically designed with flat-bottom pots that help create that coveted crust on Persian rice, our crispy rice cooker collection offers just the size you need for singles or couples cooking as well as for large families and entertaining. Select a 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, and 15 cup electric rice cooker steamer and discover how simple it is to master this delicacy of Persian cuisine.



  • Durable and easy to use

    Every Pars Stainless Steel Rice Cooker features a non-stick pot with measuring lines on the inside to aid in adding the right amount of water for light, fluffy and flavorful rice every time. With a reliable thermostat and customizable timer, the Pars Steam Rice Cooker makes white, brown, jasmine and basmati rice much more easily than traditional stove-top methods. An auto-off function prevents overcooking and the keep-warm setting maintains it at the optimal temperature until serving begins.



  • Smart, efficient design

    Your Pars Persian Rice Cooker Warmer is rustproof and boasts a removable power cord for more space-saving storage. The removable pot is dishwasher-safe while the stainless rice cooker itself wipes clean with a damp cloth. With complimentary rice scoop, measuring cup and a comprehensive user manual, Pars Rice Maker should be at the top of wedding registry items for every new couple.


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