MarCo Polo

MARCO POLO Elderflower Syrup 1L (33.8oz)

If you’ve had the pleasure of drinking St. Germain liqueur, with champagne or in a Lychee Martini, the distinct flavor of Elderflowers will already be familiar to you! Elderflowers are the small white blossoms of the elderflower tree that bloom only few weeks a year. Marco Polo Elderflower Syrup is made with pure elderflower extract and fresh lemon juice and sweetened to perfection. With a citrusy, slightly floral, lychee-like flavor, our Elderflower Syrup makes a refreshing drink with seltzer and a delicious mixer for lemonade and green tea. Marco Polo Elderflower Syrup is just the ingredient you’ll need to infuse your baked goods with the bright taste of elderflowers. Add it to whipped cream or use it instead of rosewater or orange water in your pastry recipes. Once you experience the palate pleasing flavor of Marco Polo Elderflower Syrup, you will find it a wonderful topping for waffles, pancakes, crepes, ice cream and Greek yogurt.

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