Flavors of My Childhood: Mirza Ghasemi in Motel Ghoo

February 05, 2024

Imagine a quaint little restaurant in Motel Ghoo, a small town tucked away by the Caspian Sea, where as a young, polite kid often described as a "little gentleman," I discovered the joys of a local culinary gem—Mirza Ghasemi.
he restaurant was a humble place, echoing with the sounds of laughter and the clinking of dishes, a favorite among locals and a hidden treasure for visitors. It was there, seated on an old wooden bench under a canopy of grapevines, that I first tasted Mirza Ghasemi. The dish was a revelation—smoky eggplants perfectly blended with tomatoes and eggs, infused with a garlicky punch that made my taste buds dance.
The chef, a kindly old man with a talent for storytelling, would prepare the dish on an open flame right before our eyes. The eggplants were grilled until their skins blistered and blackened, filling the air with a smoky aroma that could lure anyone passing by. He’d then skillfully peel and mash them, adding tomatoes and a generous amount of garlic. The final touch was the eggs, which he stirred in slowly, transforming the mixture into a rich, creamy delight.
As he cooked, he shared stories of Motel Ghoo, of the fishermen who caught the freshest fish in the mornings, and of the farmers who grew the juiciest tomatoes in their gardens. It was not just a meal; it was an experience, a culinary lesson enriched with the history and culture of the place.
Today, at Shiraz Kitchen & Wine Bar, I strive to recreate that magical experience. I serve Mirza Ghasemi with the same passion and authenticity that I learned in that little restaurant in Motel Ghoo. Each dish is prepared with respect for the original techniques and is served alongside crispy garlic pickles, just as I had enjoyed them as a child.

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