May 03, 2024

Hello food adventurers and flavor seekers! Are you ready to take a delectable dive into one of the most cherished dishes of Persian cuisine? Here at Shiraz Kitchen & Wine Bar, not only do we stir our pots with care, but we also sprinkle in love and tradition, serving up a Ghormeh Sabzi that’s as rich in history as it is in taste—straight from my mom's kitchen to your plate!
A Storied Dish with a Twist of Fun
What’s in a name? With Ghormeh Sabzi, it’s all about "stewed herbs"—and believe us, it's a herb party in every bite! This isn’t just food; it's a cultural journey steeped in centuries of tradition, with a recipe handed down through generations and given a special twist in our kitchen.
Our Secret Ingredients? Love, Laughter, and a Little Magic
We start with the freshest herbs like parsley and coriander—chopped not just by our knives but by years of perfected technique. We add lean, tender cuts of meat and hearty kidney beans, then slow-cook them to perfection. And those tangy dried limes? They’re not just an ingredient; they’re the zesty soul of this dish!
The Magic in the Making
Here’s where the magic happens: our chefs, who are more like culinary wizards, bring all these elements together. Following my mom's cherished recipe, they make sure each herb sings and every flavor dances harmoniously in the pot. It’s a symphony of tastes that’s as fun to cook as it is to eat!
Come for the Food, Stay for the Fun
Served over fluffy steamed basmati rice, our Ghormeh Sabzi is a meal that promises not just to fill you up but to lift your spirits. Pair it with a side of Shirazi salad and a glass of something special from our wine bar for the full Shiraz experience. And the best part? You’re enjoying this feast among friends at Shiraz Kitchen and Wine Bar, where every meal is a celebration.
Join the Feast!
We can't wait to welcome you to Shiraz Kitchen & Wine Bar, where the Ghormeh Sabzi is always simmering, the wine is wonderfully flowing, and the laughter is as abundant as the servings. Come taste a dish that's packed with history, spiced with fun, and made with love—see you soon!

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