Curious About Iranian Food? Don’t Miss these Top 10 Dishes

October 28, 2015

Tuesday 27 October 2015 Mansoureh Farahani

Curious About Iranian Food? Don’t Miss these Top 10 Dishes

Iranian or Persian cuisine is a medley of delectable dishes that are as rich and nuanced as Iranian culture and history itself. Influenced by Turkish, Greek, Kurdish, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, Mesopotamian and Russian foods, Iranian food is truly unique, even though it shares a number of similar dishes with Turkey and other nearby countries.

While rice and fresh Persian breads make up the basis of Iranian cuisine, dry and fresh herbs, saffron and spices are fundamental to most dishes. And, although the food tends to not be spicy, dishes vary in both texture and taste depending on the city or province in question. 

Most Iranian dishes contain meat, which could be anything from chicken to lamb or beef — just not pork, as Islam prohibits it. Although there are limited options for vegetarians, Iranian food is highly varied so there’s sure to be something for everyone. For those new to the world of Persian food, here are our top 10 recipe suggestions – all delish and very much Persian. Bon appetit! Or noosh-e jan, as they say in Iran.

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